technologyWelcome to the website of the Radboud Technology Centre for Bioinformatics. 


The Radboud Technology Centre for Bioinformatics (RTCB) aims to raise and solve biological questions using the most recent computer technologies and big data solutions.

Our goals are to:

  • Extract relevant biological knowledge from large data sets that are nowadays routinely being produced by sequencing, gene expression profiling, metabolic- and proteomic profiling, and x-ray crystallography.
  • Bring together the expertise that is available in the UMC and RU in the fields of bioinformatics, sequence analysis, ~omics analysis, computational biology, protein structure analysis and related fields and share this expertise with biomedical researchers.
  • Teach basic bioinformatics skills to students in various fields of life-sciences and to organize seminars on technical aspects of bioinformatics research.